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January 06, 2011


I heard M.O.M. putting on her walking shoes today so I got real excited hoping I was going to get to go with her.  Yes, I usually make sure I am at the door and ready to go when she gets to the front door!

Of course she always let's me go with her.

And I must say it was one of the best walks we have been on in a long time.
We headed down the street and I got real excited when I realized we were going to walk on the harbor trail.
As we approached the end of the street I realized that M.O.M. was letting me go on this walk without my leash!  Oh boy!  This is going to be the best walk ever!

We walked farther around the harbor on our trail than we had ever walked before.  And we saw many new sites too.  M.O.M. was real excited when 2 American Bald Eagles flew very close to us and she was able to get a few pictures of them before they flew on with their journey.

Of course I ran and ran exploring everything everywhere. So many new smells and sites. We came to a fork in the road and at first took the trail to the left. But several yards down the trail we came to a bridge. Unfortunately the bridge surface was made of a type of grating and it frightened me when I approached it.  And M.O.M. didn't want to have to carry me over this rather long bridge so we went back and took the trail to the right.
This new trail went on forever and ever!  But because we were on this new trail all by ourselves, M.O.M. decided that we should turn around and head back because we were already more than a half hour from our street. She said we will come back here when M.O.D. is with us and see where this long straight trails actually goes and see if it has an end.

So off I went running usual. 

I am sure M.O.M. noticed that as we approached the beginning of our street, that I wasn't running any more. But walking along the side of the street heading home.

So M.O.M. wasn't surprised to walk into the living room not long after we returned home to find me asleep in the middle of the room.  Just moments before this picture was taken I had been very busy chewing on the rawhide that you can see in the picture.

Yes, this is a embarrassing photo of myself as I didn't know I feel asleep with my little leg straight up in the air!!
But gosh, I am soooo tired!


  1. I live for pictures like this! You're so cute!

  2. Hi Barbara...this little dog has brought us more joy than I had ever imagined was possilbe. I am sure she knows we rescued her and she tries to repay us every day.
    She does make writing this blog very easy!!
    Thanks for coming by!
    Mistaya's M.O.M. Gail

  3. Hi Mistaya and Mom,
    Boy you all had a great adventure today!! I love that you were so tired you fell asleep with your leg up in the air!! lol
    Yes yes I love having a farmers market close by and with so many fresh vegetables to buy, it's wonderful!!
    Making soup every week is work but it is so worth it!!
    xx Bambi & Fern

  4. Hi Fern and Bambi,
    It was one of the best walks we have had in a long time. It was so much fun.
    I have noticed that after M.O.M returns from the farmers market that real soon there is a wonderful smell coming from the kitchen cause she's cooking up something!

  5. Hey Mistaya
    Sounds like a great long walk and you had so much fun even though you were all tuckered out!! Least you didnt fall asleep with all fours in the air, now that would be embarrasing LOL


  6. Happy New Year from us! Sounds like a great walk! When Paddy has a a tiring day he sleeps with both back legs in the air! A sign of happiness!

    OOOOOH Farmers Market - we love a farmers market! So many goodies!

    Lots of licks
    Sally and paddy

  7. Hi know how M.O.M. is with that flashie box then. She never let's an embarresing moment go by without recording it with her camera.
    Hugs, Mistaya and her M.O.M. Gail

  8. Hi Sally and Paddy, thanks for the vote of confidence about my leg in the air. Not very lady like but it sure felt good!!
    Hugs, Mistaya and M.O.M. Gail

  9. How we wish we could go for walkies leashless!
    No wonder you're pooped, Mistaya! What a fun time you had!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. MOL Mistaya!!
    They say a good workout makes one sleep better...I guess it is true.
    At least M.O.M didn't take a belly shot of you. Mom is bad about doing that to me.
    Hugs Madi

  11. Those "after walk" naps are the best!

  12. Mistaya you look like ome pooped puppy, I bet M.O.M was tired too, did she take a nap too?

  13. Awwww you are so cute! One tired puppy!


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