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November 27, 2009


M.O.M. took some very strange photo's on our walk today. The first photo shows 4 sets of tracks in this one spot. Can you guess them all??
Okay, let us try to help you...starting from the left, in the center of the pic are some very tiny tracks...we think those are from the squirrels that chirp loudly at me as we go by...the second the center top...those are mine! and the ones to the very right are M.O.M.'s. But I bet you can't guess the fourth set...the one that is to the right of mine and the left of M.O.M.' it's not my tail...and no it isn't a walking stick M.O.M. sometimes carries...try figuring it out from the next picture.......
These are my little footprints but what is that strange mark in the middle? Well okay, it is just like the one in the top is actually my little tongue dragging along the ground trying to lap up as much liquid as I can. Yes, M.O.M. always brings a bottle of water for me but I really don't like to have to stop and stand still long enough to get a drink. So as I am running I just put my head sown and try to scoop up as much snow as I can and still keep running like crazy. Yeah, M.O.M. thinks I should stop once in a while and drink from the bottle too but I don't want to!!!
So as you can see we are still going on wonderful walks even though everyone seems to still be to tired from eating all the Turkey this holiday. But M.O.M. seemed very happy to go on a walk with me today. Thank you M.O.M., I always have so much fun!


  1. Hi Mistya,
    Mom and I enjoyed catching up on your blogs. You can certainly jump high...maybe you are 1/16th cat. :-)
    What an interesting walk you had and the footprints were fun to guess at.
    We would never in 1Million years guessed your tongue. You are very funny.
    Have a good week and stay warm outside.
    Madi and Mom

  2. I was really stumped on the fourth track, I would never have guessed it was a Mistaya tongue! Glad you had fun on your walk.


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