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December 01, 2009


We had a little over two inches of snow today and M.O.M. didn't take me out for her speed walk. But of course I still had a fabulous time running and playing in the snow and eat as much of it as I could. Well gosh, you never know how long it will last this time. I have noticed it goes away pretty quick sometimes so I spend as much time as I can outside playing in it as M.O.M. and M.O.D. will let me.

Even though M.O.M. didn't walk outside, I went into her office this afternoon and saw her acting like she was outside walking but she wasn't moving....the floor under her was!!! But after a while the floor suddenly stopped moving and she climb off the moving floor. Weird. Then I heard M.O.M. say "That's enough of that "blankety, Blank treadmill!!" I wonder just what a "treadmill" is? I know she has lost a lot of weight and I overheard her tell M.O.D. she doesn't want to gain any of it back. I wonder it that has anything to do with the moving floor thing?

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  1. Oh we understand about the moving peeps have that and a bike that goes nowhere!!! Mom gets on the bike when it is rainy here....she'd rather be outside though. Mom says riding the bike is B O R I N G..but at least it has a book rack on it. Congrats to Mom on her weight loss.
    Madi and Mom

  2. My 'moving floor' is downstairs and has been neglected lately.

  3. Hi! What's the story with the cat in the picture??? Looks like he/she is about to explode. That kitty should use your M.O.M.'s treadmill.

  4. Friday
    Hi Mistaya,
    Thanks for the invite...keep that door unlocked. If things don't improve around here, I'll be coming special delivery. Ha!!!
    No on 2nd thought this weekend is tree decorating weekend I better at least stay to help with that.

  5. Okay Madi, but I will keep the door unlocked just in case. Hugs and wags, Mistaya


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