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November 26, 2009


M.O.D. didn't have to work today so he joined us on our daily dog walk. As you can see by the photo's that M.O.M. took while we were on our walk, I tried very hard to impress M.O.D. with all my funny tricks while I walked along the road stalking the little field mice in the roadside ditch.!
I tried so very hard to jump higher than I ever had....
and I tried to jump more often than I have before...

And M.O.D. was definitely impressed by my athletic ability! And I sure had fun on this walk as we walk on down through the forest and I took that opportunity to remind M.O.D. have fast I like to run through the trees...and to jump as many fallen trees as I can while I am running.
What a fun Thanksgiving Day the three of us had.

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  1. Wow Mistaya, I am impressed! You are almost flying, what a great jumper you are.

    Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving.


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