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February 07, 2015


Waiting for the elevator so we can go outside.

 Now we are waiting in the elevator so we can get outside. 
I live with mom and dad up on the 4th floor of our apartment building.  So we have to ride the elevator down or we often take the 4 flight of stairs.  Mom  and I the chance to race down the stairs together. 

And I hear reports that soon there will be No more waiting for the elevator so we can get outside in a hurry to do my 'duty'.  And soon there will be no reason to wait for the elevator so we can get back up to our warm apartment.

Mom and Dad have applied for an apartment on the ground floor in the beautiful Courtyard.  And we move in the first of March!  Mom will get to grow her beautiful Hosta plants on and near our own patio. And Mom and Dad will be able to sit out in the sun...or shade and read or eat a meal anytime they want!!!!

But I will not be allowed out in the courtyard.  But lucky for me there is a large sliding glass door with a sliding screen that exits out onto the patio and I will most likely spend most of my time there keeping a careful eye on Mom and Dad.

We are all excited about this move. We have waited for this apartment for almost 18 months.  So Mom is busy packing up the craftroom and making sure everything is organized and ready to be loaded on the moving carts to roll them to our new home.

And it makes it even more fun for us as everyone here is so happy for us and ready to come and visit us on the courtyard.

We are ready!!


  1. How exciting this move will be for you, Willow!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

    1. Yes Mitch and Molly, I am very excited about my next move. Mom said she thinks it will be a better place for me. On the 4th floor apartment I can hear people walk by our door and I get a bit upset sometimes. Not a lot but I do bark sometimes. And mom told me that the hall floors are much more solid than on the top floor. She thinks I may not even know when someone walks by! And of course I can lie at the glass slider that leads out into the courtyard and watch the birds and people spending time out there. I think it will be a nice place for us.
      Hugs and wags, Willow


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