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January 05, 2014


MOM is surprised at how much I have grown since I last posted.  I have not really gotten much "bigger" but MOM says I have 'matured' a bit. I have no idea what that means!  I am still me.
I have posted my latest photo to show you that I really am still me......
And I also want you to see that I really am getting to be a "big" girl.
As you can see I have lost all of my baby teeth!!  I am so proud. MOM says she hasn't found any teeth on the rug for a few days now. So I must be done.  But I must say I kind of miss them. My new teeth are not as sharp as my baby teeth were so I am finding that I have to chew and tear things using much more force and energy than I used to.  Yeah, that is a lot of fun for sure!!!


  1. Well you may not have got bigger, but that little puppy look is turning into a smart doggie look. Them teeth will work just give you a lot more chewin and tearin up time, Barharhar

    The Mad Scots

  2. Susie and are so right!!! I can chew up just about anything I can get into my mouth...and it is so much fun. Of course I am only allowed to chew up doggie chews. that's okay cause I love them!!!!
    Hugs, Willow

  3. You are growing up fast and you are so cute.


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