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April 30, 2011


We have the best watch dogs on the block!

I caught these photos today as the dogs were sitting on the hope chest that Mistaya has always been sure we put there for her to use as a window seat.

So that is just how we all use it.

In the photo below the 2 dogs are checking to make sure everything is okay down the street.

Then they both check to make sure everything is A Okay across the street.

 Then of course, they have to check up the street too, to make sure all is well in that direction too.
This behavior really doesn't surprise us much because Mistaya seems to know when the old, slow gray cat is walking by her front door on the sidewalk and always runs to the window seat and in her familiar dog talk, let's that old gray cat know that Mistaya does not appreciate him walking the sidewalk that belongs to Maggie and Mistaya.

Very serious business indeed but I am sad to report that Old Gray Cat always acts like there is not another animal on this street for blocks and blocks.  He never changes pace or varies off his daily course as he continues on his way to where ever he goes each day.

After the BLOCK WATCH DOGS have finished their shifts there is always a need for a great nap.
After all, being a BLOCK WATCH DOG is very serious business and it can certainly wear a dog out fast!


  1. Maggie and Mistaya seem to be taking their duties very seriously, the neighborhood is a much safer place under their watch. I love those photos.

  2. I've always heard K9's enjoy having a job to do. Maggie and Mistaya are very good at their job!! I wonder if the old gray cat is a decor for a young spry cat that might be 'intruding' in your back yard? I'm just askin' cause we know how sneaky cats can be:-)
    Hugs madi

  3. PS Happy retirement to your Mom too. Let me just say the 'dance of the first retirement check' is quite entertaining.

  4. At ease gentleman. The street is free and clear. Except for that cat. Oh No!

  5. Oh you two are just so cute on duty there!!! You wouldn't like where Bambi lives, she can't see the street from our house.....
    We are in the woods!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  6. Living in the mountains, we don't have the block watch- but we do have the animal watch. No bird, squirrel, lizard, deer or chipmunk goes unnoticed and un-barked at! I love that you created them a little seat; I'm sure they wouldn't be able to do their jobs properly if they didn't have a comfortable post!


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