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February 23, 2011


Well, my day started out pretty good today.
Dogsister Mistaya and I spent a lot of fun time out in the back yard chasing each other around trying to see who is the toughest.

I think it was a tie.
Then later in the day we carried our tussle into the house and had so much fun playing on M.O.M.'s favorite rug.
We ran around, rolled each other all over the place, snarled like we were angry at each other.

But in the end we decided that we were really great sisters and no one was meaner than the other....cause during our wrestling match we did both cry out at least once each.
So it is still a tie.  A good way to end it.
Then Catsister walked into the room just as I was about to take a nap.

Well, I couldn't just let her waltz through like she owned the place!

So I ran right up to her to ask her just where she thought she was going.

Well, she didn't speak with any words...she didn't have to...her claws spoke real loud!!!
So I decided that it was definitely time for me to look for a place to get in my nap.
It didn't take me long to find the perfect safe, peaceful place to get in my nap after this very strenuous day.

Ah, sweet dreams.


  1. Mistaya I really love your little sister Maggie!! I thing she is so cute!! You two make a real cute pair!!
    xx, Fern

  2. Looks like you really have fun! All of my kitty brothers and sister have their claws too. Beth said she wouldn't have it any other way!

  3. It looks like you and Maggie are getting along great, Mistaya!
    You guys are M&M too - just like us!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. You are lucky to have each other to play with. Looked like fun. I only have grandkids to torment but they are fun to make scream!! LOL


  5. Looks like you are having fun - and we agree - cats are NOT very fun or playful. I tried to play with one and got a frosty (sharp) reception too!

    Sally and Paddy

  6. Hi Maggie, it looks like you and Mistaya had a lot of fun playing together. Watch out for those kitty claws, they do say alot.

  7. So cute...what lucky little animals to have such a caring mommy!


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