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November 22, 2010


M.O.M. took this picture during one of the rare moments that it actually stopped snowing for a few minutes this afternoon.
It looks just like some of the photos that she took of me while we lived in Montana.  We are having a real hard time believing that we really live 6 feet above sea level here by the sea!
M.O.M. had told me that when we moved to the house by the sea that I may not see my favorite thing...snow...again.  So I was soooo glad to get to go for a walk with her this afternoon,  She let me go with her around the neighborhood without my collar and leash. I had so much fun running up and down the sidewalks in the snow...just like the old days in Montana.


  1. Sorry I didn't get your message about not wanting any more of my snowy presents. Just sent a bunch more....couldn't catch the weather man to stop it....I'll try to find some warm sunshine to send you but we are kinda short on that this time of year....

  2. You have the best of both worlds. Some snow in the winter and the ocean in summer to play in.

  3. We do not have any snow yet, so we love seeing all your snowy pictures!

  4. Hi Mistaya ..we think you and M.O.M better find a disguise when you go out walking...MOL you might get snowballs tossed at your heads.
    Hugs Madi

  5. And you thought you weren't going to see any snow at your new home! It looks like you got almost as much as we did. I hope you didn't get the single digit temps like we are having, brrr.


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