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September 26, 2010


While on our walk today M.O.M. saw a sign that said "HONEY FOR SALE" and the address where we could find it.

M.O.M. said "Hey little dog, let's see if we can find out where there is some honey for sale."  So off we went with me wondering just what is "Honey"?  I think I have heard M.O.M. use that word when talking to M.O.D. and even a few times when she was talking to me.  So I can't imagine just what honey really is!

We came to this little house that did have a small sign in the front yard.  We walked down the driveway and found this little sign above a small door in the side of the house.
M.O.M. opened up the door and there inside was a note, a price list, a money slot and 2 jars of yummy looking honey!

M.O.M. pulled some money out of her pocket, checked the little price list she found, pulled out the correct amount of money....$6.50... and then placed the money in the slot.

She picked up the pretty jar of honey and said to me..."Mistaya, let's go home and share this beautiful looking honey with M.O.D.  And you can try some too!!"

And yes, after we returned home I did get to lick a spoon with some amazing sweet clear honey in it.  Now I understand why M.O.M. wanted to find this 'House Of Honey' and take a jar home with us. 

I am sure I heard her tell M.O.D. that maybe they shouId make a fresh batch of "hot from the oven" scones that would taste marvelous with honey.

I  think I had better perfect my begging skills real quick!!


  1. Yummy, hot buttered scones with honey, and of course a cup of tea to wash it all down.

  2. Hi Mistaya and Mom,
    Oh that was a good price for that hoeny. We have paid 10.50 a quart jar. Lucky you !!! We love fresh honey and we don't eat sugar any more but we still do have a LITTLE hoeny some times.
    Good post'
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  3. Yes Keewee..My good Englishman always has his Scone with a cup of tea!!! Love you, Gail

  4. Hi Fern and Bambi! We too try so much better when it's on a hot Scone or biscuit! thanks for stopping by! Hugs, Gail

  5. What a great neighborhood where you can just buy stuff on the honor system.

    We have several people who work near us who sell honey on the side of the road and they are out there for 12 hours a day. I hope they make enough money to make sitting out in the heat all day worth it!

  6. GREAT post and wonderful neighbors!!!

    Mistaya we agree with your some hot out of the oven scones would be the topping on the DAY.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Complete trust -- that is such a great thing!

  8. Yes Jack Daddy, we do live in a wonderful neighborhood..everyone kind of looks after each feels good.
    Hugs, Gail and Mistaya

  9. Madi, the minute I smell those wonderful Scones baking in the oven I make sure I am somewhere real close by! And that "looking cute" eye look is working pretty good for me so far!!
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  10. Hi Remington, Trust is a special thing isn't it. I do wish there was much more of it in this world these days. But it does make us appreciate this kind of thing right here in our neighborhood so much more.
    Hugs and wags,Mistaya

  11. There is nothing better than honey fresh from the hive. I haven't bought honey at a store in years. Plus buying locally helps the bee population.

    Mistaya, glad you got a taste. A sweet treat for a very sweet girl.

  12. Thank you SquirrelQueen! I did get that taste and it was wonderful!!! M.O.M. likes to buy local honey help our community too.
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya


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