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May 25, 2010


 I strolled around outside the house today to my backyard to take a nap.  Now, I accepted the fact that my kennel has been taken down to prepare for the move to our new house by the sea.  That didn't bother me very much because I had M.O.M.'s big picnic table I have been laying under to keep out of the sun and rain.  And as you may remember I also made myself comfortable on top of the table when M.O.M. wasn't made it real easy for me to keep a good eye on things.  So that was okay.
But this morning as I rounded the corner of the house I couldn't believe my eyes!!!  MY picnic table and the 4 benches were missing!  Even the shade creating umbrella was not to be seen.

Now, just what is happening here???  As you can see M.O.M. was looking out the deck door and saw the uncertain look on my face.  She came out of the house and sat down on the deck stairs and called me to her.  As I sat beside her she tried to explain that because we will be living in a different climate by the sea that she didn't want to haul the picnic table and 4 benches plus the umbrella 700 hundred miles away. She is certain we would not get enough use out of them to haul them so far away.

She said she had given them to her dear friend that lives here in Montana....Oh Yes!!  Jasper's mom!  Well, I guess Jasper and his family will really enjoy them and maybe, just maybe, they will think of us every time they sit down to enjoy a meal on that wonderful picnic table.

So I guess that is okay with me as I know I will get to find new adventures in our new home soon.  And M.O.M. hugged me close when she reminded me of the big park just down the road from our new house.  And because M.O.M. is real good about "picking up" after me, that it probably won't be any problem going there to play any time we want.  And of course she also reminded me that we will be very close to one of the biggest ponds in the world and we can go there any time we want to run and play for miles and miles.

Okay, now I understand why everything is disappearing from our yard. And I am sooo ready to start on our new adventure by the sea.   M.O.M. has promised me that it shouldn't be too long now.  So I will just find a shady spot in the shadows under the giant Lilac bushes at the edge of the yard.

Hey M.O.M.!!! Don't forget to find me napping under the bushes and to take me with you when it is time to go!!!


  1. Waiting can be scary and exciting all at the same time! I hope you get to move by the sea very soon!

  2. Oh Mistaya, M, O. M. would never leave you !!!!!! You are far too important to leave!!!!
    Your new home is going to be so much fun!!
    Thanks for your visit to my blog Mistaya.
    XXOO, Bambi & her Mom Fern

  3. Hi Mistaya,
    Mom and Dad have lots of planning to move everything that is good that she can find homes for the big heavy things you will not need.
    You must be getting very excited about the big move.
    We can hardly wait to see pictures of you when you see the big POND for the first time.
    Oh happy days,
    Madi and Mom

  4. I am begining to understand why so many things are disappearing cause M.O.M. helped me understand that when the big moving van gets to our new house that I will be very surprised and happy when I see so many familiar things start to come out of it and end up in our house. So I guess I will just have to trust her and wait to see it happen. Of course I may forget all about it if they take me to that giant pond near by that they refer to as 'the sea'. Gosh, I hope it is soon! Hugs and wags to all of you! Mistaya

  5. Hi Mistaya,

    Moving can be confusing and exciting all at the same time. It is always hard to leave your home but it is also fun to explore a new home.

    At least you are not a kitty, they don't like change at all. How is Catsister handling all the changes?

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Judy and Cindi Lou


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