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April 04, 2010


Catsister and I are starting to get along real well..Oh course, she is much older than I and I do try to show her the respect she deserves. And we enjoy playing together on the living room carpet.
She will walk up to me and then flop down on her side and paw at my ears and face. She even rolls over onto her back and pat at me with her paws too.
I enjoy this game because she rarely uses her claw during play.
But every once in you can see in the second picture, she does get her claws in my hair...and then she pulls. I do let out a yelp but M.O.M. and M.O.D. just shake their heads and smile. I guess they know if Catsister whacked me then I must have deserved it. Well, okay, I guess I did.
Lately I have learned to lay down on the carpet opposite her and then we can have a pretty good sparing match. I have even learned to use my paws the way she does.
It is good to have a animal friend to play with sometimes....even if it is a cat!
Okay, I do like cats!


  1. For a minute there, you almost had me convinced that cats are ok.
    Almost. ;)

  2. Not a fan of cats, but if you have to live with one then it's a good thing you get along.

  3. Hi Mistaya,
    I loved the pictures of you and your cat playing! All my kitties have loved my dogs too.
    Hope you had a good Easter.
    Hugs, Bambi & Fern

  4. Hi Mistaya Great pictures of you and Catsister. You are wise to respect her place in the family as head pet.
    Now you just need to learn to stay far enough way to avoid her right and left hook. You two match very nicely. Your coloring is nearly exactly alike.

  5. Aw Mistaya, it is good to see you and your Catsister getting along and playing. We are glad to hear you respect your elders but watch out for the claws.

  6. Hi Tank, I too, figured that if we have to live together it would be much better to get along. Gosh, she doesn't even mind when we both go outside at the same time, that I act like I am chasing her. She seems okay with it cause she just heads to the nearest tree and waits for me to loose interest...which is pretty quick!

    Bambi and Fern, Thank you, we had a very nice Easter.

    Madi and mom..I decided that since Catsister has been here almost 8 years longer than I have, that I really should give her a bit of respect. Besides, I have learned what she can do with those claws!!!

    SquirrelQueen, I did learn real fast just what those claws can do..ouch!!, they hurt! So I would rather be friends with her!


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