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April 03, 2010


We had another snow storm during the night so there was plenty of snow for me to play in this morning. Gosh, every time I think it is spring it snows again.

Oh believe me, I am not complaining cause I know pretty soon we will be living where it does not snow so I must spend as much time outside playing in it as possible. But M.O.M. has mentioned that we can drive up to the mountains near our new home and play in the snow during the winter. So I guess I will get to see it once in a while during my new life.
Gosh, my 'new life'. I am going some where that I do not have any friends and do not know my way around. But there is a real nice fence to keep me safe and I will still be able to sit on the front porch and watch people and maybe some dogs go by. The neighbors next door have 3 dogs but they have installed at real tall solid fence between our homes so I will only be able to hear them and not play with them. But there is a great park not far form the house so maybe I can find a new friend there. And of course all those walks on the beach are sure to produce some new friends too.
We need to return to the Humane Society that rescued me so I could adopt my new family, we need to tell them goodbye. We have made regular visits there so we will not leave town without them knowing it.
I have heard talk about a Easter Bunny so I have been spending a lot of my time this afternoon, sitting on the back deck thinking I might see something of him. But since I have never seen a bunny...not even a Easter Bunny..I am not sure I would recognise one if he did hop into my yard!
So if anything odd wanders through I will try to get M.O.M. to take a photo for you.

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  1. Hi Mistaya,

    We had more snow up on our mountains the other day but none down here. I think Cindi Lou might be sending it over to you.

    You will have a great time in your "new life" and make lots of friends. And just think of all the new smells you have to look forward to.

    Hope you had a great Easter.


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