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March 09, 2010


Thank you everyone who was so kind to send me some of their snow.
It came some time during the night and I found it early this morning. You are all so wonderful to share all of this with me. This is the best snow we have had all winter. M.O.M. had told me earlier that since the first day of spring was next week that I may not get to play in any snow any more. Since we are moving to the Washington coast I my not see snow again.
But what a wonderful surprise for me today. I have spent most of my time already this morning running and playing in this pretty stuff...just in case it goes away again way to soon.
But the very best part of this wonderful surprise is....the delivery man didn't charge us any shipping! Yahoo!!!! Thank you everyone for this awesome gift!


  1. Hi Mistaya it was my pleasure to be able to send you all the snow I could find on the east coast.!!!
    Mom and I are so glad you were can play in it one more time before you move.
    Enjoy sweet friend.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  2. What pretty scenery! Take lots of pictures so you can remember the snow if you move!

  3. I wondered what Cindi Lou was doing yesterday. We were supposed to have snow but only got a little rain. I think Cindi must have sent our snow to you Mistaya. It looks like she and Madi did a good job.

    It is very pretty, have fun playing.

  4. Thank you Madi and Cindy Lou for all the beautiful snow! M.O.M. wanted me to especially thank you for instructing the delievery man not to put any snow on our driveway or on our street. That was very nice of you two. I spent most of the day outside really enjoying myself and today there is not much left...just on the shady side of our house. It has been so much fun and I will never forget your kindness to me. Hugs and wags to both of you, Mistaya

  5. JackDaddy...M.O.M. was very busy taking lot's of pictures of me while it was snowing so maybe she will frame a few of them for me so I can hang them in my kennel to always remember what snow was like! Hugs and wags, Mistaya


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