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March 11, 2010


Yes, when I went out side this morning all of my snow was gone....nothing but bright sunshine.

M.O.M. told me I need to stop worrying about the snow and just enjoy the pretty, warm sunshine. Yeah, it does feel pretty good on my coat. So okay, because I think I heard M.O.M. tell M.O.D. that she and I will go on another fun walk today since the weather is so nice, I can get over the not having any snow thing!

M.O.M. received this picture in an email today. Very cute!


  1. Hi Mistaya,
    Thank you for stopping by my virtual b-day party and for your very kind comments. We love the sign.
    Madi says being eight is great.
    Happy walk on a sunny day!
    Madi and Mom

  2. I was so happy to see that you had come to visit!!! Nice to see you!!!
    Yes I think your snow is probably gone for this winter. At least I hope so!!!! It has been too cold for me!! I don't take the cold well at all.
    We have planted tomatoes seeds and they are coming up!! I can't wait for home grown tomatoes on the kitchen table!!
    A big kiss and hug for you!!!

  3. What a cute sign! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sorry your snow disappeared so quickly Mistaya but maybe there will be lots of sunshine to enjoy. That sign is great, someone had a good sense of humor.


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