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February 17, 2010


I have looked everywhere and I just can't find my snow anywhere! I am sure there has to be some here somewhere...but where??
Did one of my blog pals come here and take it all home with them? I suppose it is possible that one of them did, but I really can't imaging one of my cat friends doing that. I know they don't like snow very much.
And several of my dog friends are a bit to short to really want to have very much snow at their house. So this is beginning to narrow the search just a bit.
Okay, it's time some of my bigger breed friends fess up...come on... you know who I am talking too...I can see those smirks on your muzzles!
Gosh, I miss my sweet, soft, cold snow.


  1. Jack will send you some from up on the mountains. Do you know how many stamps you need for snow??

  2. You don't have to worry about me Mistaya, I know that snow is just really cold water. We kitties don't like water very much. If I do find some of that snow I will send it all to you. I promise!

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou

  3. Hi Mistaya....I found your is on my roof!!! Sorry I guess I was sleep walking popped up to Montana and took it from you. Yep we have snow on our roof from 2 weeks ago. It has been so cold and our house faces north it just won't melt.
    Guilty as charged,

  4. JackDaddy, I checked about the postage on the return of the snow and the postmaster said that he would normaly have to charge you for each snow flake because they were sent to you as each an individual snow flake, but since you have so many that maybe he could charge by the shovel full. Then I said that there was still too much to charge by the shovel full! So the Postmaster said he would see if he could contact the Polar Express and since it is their off time that maybe they could bring the snow back here to me! So watch for the Polar Express to come your way soon. Let me know when they arrive will you?? And please don't let M.O.M. know about this as she seems real happy that the snow is all gone! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  5. Hi Cindi Lou, I remembered that you do not like water so I guessed that you would not be spending much time out in the snow. But please do send me some if you can. But you had better read my note to JacKDaddy about the cost of shipping it first!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  6. Gosh Madi, you were my one friend that I Knew would never steal my snow. But since you really didn't know you did because you were sleep walking I will forgive you. And don't send it back cause I don't think your mom would appreciate paying the postage like JackDaddy would have! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  7. Bambi has never seen snow!! She might like too. You two have a lot in common. Both are rescue dogs.
    When you get snow again, maybe she could come and play with you in the snow!!!

  8. Hi Mistaya...and M.O.M.
    Mom heard it was going to be 60 degrees this weekend so she took pictures of 'your' snow on 'our' roof and beside our house. We will be returning it via 'blogpost mail'. Yep that is a new option the P.O. is offering. WE hope to 'post' it soon.
    Madi and Mom


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