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December 06, 2009


M.O.M. opened the sliding door out to the deck just after dinner tonight to let me out to chew on my yummy bone treat. And as she did she notice that the temperature was already 4 degrees below zero! So she immediately called me back in and she let me chew this tasty treat on my blanket in front of my dog bed.
I did enjoy my treat as I layed on my blanket in the living room.
M.O.M. just checked the current 7:30 P.M. and the temperature is now 5 degrees below zero. And darn, I have to go outside one more time before we all go to bed for the evening in a few hours. Maybe I should put on my sweater before I go out.
And thank you M.O.M. for letting me stay inside on my blanket to eat my wonderful treat.


  1. One word:

    Arizona! :)

    Although it has been pretty cold here this week, but not anything like -5!

  2. Hi Mistaya,
    You are such a lucky lucky lucky puppy and that is on top of being beautiful!!! Your M.O.M. made a nice place for you to eat in warmth and comfort. We cannot imagine weather that cold!!! We bet you didn't linger outside too long the last time you went outside.
    The first family pet here was a mini Dachshund, Toto. He hated going out in the rain and snow.

  3. Mistaya. I am sure when you are let out just before retiring for the night, you take care of your business very quickly. Even with nice warm doggy fur, you get cold.


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