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December 05, 2009


I rode into town with M.O.M. yesterday and as we pulled into a parking lot I thought I saw and heard something a bit familiar. I got a bit excited and a little upset when I saw a dog chasing a ball in a enclosed area near the building. I just wasn't sure what was going on, or where I was.
As we came closer to the door of this building I could hear what I was sure very big dogs barking. You dogs and cats out there in blogland know what I mean cause you can easily tell the size of a dog by the sound of his bark can't you? Well, these dogs sounded real big. So I sat down thinking I sure didn't want to go anywhere near these giant sounding guys.

But M.O.M. spoke very kindly to me and encouraged me to go with her through the front door.

Of course when we entered I remembered immediately where I was. This was the place I was living in when M.O.M. and M.O.D. let me adopt them. But why am I here? Then I heard several voices I remembered that were staff members that were very kind to me.

When I put my paws up on the counter I saw my Charlotte right away. I tried to climb over the counter to greet her but of course M.O.M. wouldn't let me. So the staff came out to greet me and it was a very joyous time for me.

It was then that I heard M.O.M. tell Charlotte that I had lost my collar with my chip number tag plus my identification tag while I was racing through the woods on our camping trip. So she helped us to get replacement tags.

M.O.M. had stopped at the Animal Store on the way to the Animal Shelter so I now have a new collar with new tags attached...awesome!

M.O.M. did allow me to take a look into the kitten and cat room before we left. One little kitty came right up to the door and greeted me but just moments later the cat you can see just to the right of me came over quickly and snarled at me and told the kitten to get away. My catsister has never made those kind of noise at me so I was a bit surprised but decided that it was time to go home!

I did enjoy getting to see all of my friends at the Animal Shelter as they all treated me so lovingly while I was living there and they did rescue me when I was just a baby and I was in the scary forest. Thank you Bitterroot Humane Association! of Hamilton, Montana for rescuing this little Miniature Auzzie pup!!! Your the reason M.O.M. started this blog to show the world that even thrown away, lost little souls like me can still have "a wonderful life."


  1. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful puppy!

    I have to be careful when I go to the rescue places or otherwise I would end up with about 42 puppies!! :)

    I look forward to catching up on your blog!!

  2. Hi Jackdaddy, thanks so much for stopping by! Mistaya

  3. Oh Mistaya, it sounds like a fun reunion with you friends from the Animal Shelter, that must have been exciting. Except for the kitty that snarled at you, maybe he is new and still scared.

    It's the 'thrown away, lost little souls' that will give so much love in return, you and Miss Cindi have proven that to be true. We hope all the other little puppies and kitties will be so lucky.

  4. Hi Mistaya,
    Madi and I think that you have the 'I'm starving look' down perfectly. You can move onto your next one.
    We so enjoyed reading about your visit to the animal shelter. You are a very lucky puppy to have 1) been at that shelter and 2) most importantly been adopted by your M.O.M and M.O.D.
    Madi and Mom


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