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July 07, 2009


I joined M.O.M. and her hiking friends yesterday for a hike way into the wilderness. Fortunately we were able to find water once in a while so I could get in to cool myself off. But the picture above was taken where M.O.M. would not let me get close to the water. And the water made so much noise it kind of scared me for a bit.
But I did my duty as watch dog for the group. I don't know why I feel the need to do this. Everyone we meet on the trail are always nice...even the big horse with a man on him were friendly and stopped to speak to us.
But you never know so I keep on the lookout for anything strange coming our way.
But if I see a bear of something like that I think I will show the ladies which direction to go to get as far away as possible. I will also show them how fast they should be running!! Oh that's right, they don't have 4 legs like me. Gosh, I hope they can keep up with this little puppy!
There were little streams running across our path every once in a while and I always got to stop and spend a little time in them to rest and cool off.
I can't believe how ice cold and refreshing this water tastes up here in the mountains.
This was a view M.O.M. got a picture of just before we turned around to head back down the mountain. Of course it really was a long way up on the mountain but M.O.M. used something she calls a "zoom" lens so it looks so much closer.
This was a fun day and we hiked a total of 6 miles up and down this giant mountain. But unfortunately M.O.M. tripped and fell on the trail twice. Nothing broke but she is covered with scratches and big black and blue bruises. I didn't see her fall the first time while we were heading up the mountain but I was with her when she fell the second time as we were going down the mountain. I stayed real close to her that time and gave her LOT'S of puppy kisses to help her feel better.
We were both pretty happy to be back home. M.O.M. spent the rest of the day in the easy chair with ice packs on her leg, knee and her arm. Of course when M.O.D. came home from work I was still lying beside her to try to make her feel better. (That's my favorite job!)

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  1. Mistaya, I am so sorry your M.O.M. fell, but you are doing a good job taking care of her. What a nice place for you to visit. My Mom has an award for you on her blog Comfort Food, come and get it if you want. We love you!

    licks and sniffs, Sasha


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