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July 23, 2009


My friend "Jasper" came to spend the day with me today. And boy has Jasper grown UP! The last time we were together he could almost run underneath me and not knock me over. But he can no longer do that as his legs are about as long as mine are. And he is just 4 months old.
But we had lot's of fun anyway and because it was hot M.O.M. made sure there was a lawn hose with the water running for us all the time. And we sure had a great time in it.
I taught Jasper how to try to chew the water as it squirted out the end of the hose. I also showed him how to chase those pesky grasshoppers and how to make catching them much easier by jumping into the air to catch them as they come back down to the grass. I really don't think he enjoyed eating them as much as I do. That's okay, that's just more for me!

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  1. Mistaya, it looks like you and Jasper had a great time. I'll bet chasing grasshoppers is fun.


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