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July 24, 2009


M.O.M. and M.O.D. both said that apparently this is my new SUMMER LOOK as the water is now the funiest thing for me to play in.
I think I look rather cute and refreshed don't you think so??
This is a typical scene that M.O.M. sees on our speed walks every morning and every evening. Well, some one has to lead the way don't they? And I believe I am the smartest puppy in the group. Well, I guess there really is only me and M.O.M. isn't there? But I need to make sure we don't get lost or something!

This is a picture of M.O.M. when she is in "one of those moods" when I think we should hurry up and go on a fun speed walk.. Come on all you cute little furry friends, you all know just what I mean!

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  1. Too funny, is that how we all look when were are in "one of those moods"?


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