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May 14, 2009


M.O.M. and I went on the last group walk of the spring session. After all the snow, wind, hail, rain and sunshine we had yesterday, today was filled with lot's of beautiful sunshine.
I was allowed to run off leash during all of the walk and the other dogs were allowed to (try) to run with me. Buster the Boxer is pretty fast but I learned real fast that I can turn real quick at top speed and he can't so I was able to out wit him often. But it sure was fun to have someone who could keep up with me on the road. Out in the woods I can do pretty well at staying ahead as I turn and run in every direction.
Of course my little friend Jasper was there too and he did try to keep up the best he could but I waited for him so he wouldn't get discouraged. And I had so much fun showing him how much fun going into the culverts can be. I wonder if it will still be fun if we run into a creature of the woods in one of those tunnels someday?
I came home totally worn out and ready to nap away the afternoon. M.O.M. spent much of her time at the sewing machine and I slept under her feet to stay close to her. Ahhh, another wonderful day in Paradise.

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