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May 19, 2009


Yes, I am a very sad puppy because there are no more group walks with our friends in the woods until the session starts up again in the fall. M.O.M. has promised me that we will continue to walk and hike in the woods this summer as often as we can. But I will miss all of my dog friends! Oh, what will I do to keep myself busy through this whole long summer?
Oh don't worry---I found myself the greatest activity to keep me busy ALL summer! M.O.M. took me out to the pond behind our house this morning. I have been playing in it a little because there has been about 2 feet of water in it through the winter. But what a wonderful surprise when I saw my "little" pond this morning!
It is completely full of water and ready to play and swim in all summer! It is now about 12 feet deep so I will get lot's of practice swimming and chasing sticks and balls. I also found the little ditch that brings the water into the pond and it runs continuously in one side of the pond and out the other. And you should see how fast I can run through that ditch when it's filled with water! I have so much fun that it is very hard to quit. The ditch is about 75 feet total in length so I can get going at a pretty good speed before I come to the little bridge that is over the ditch near the pond. The bridge is the little white spot at the bottom of the pond in our lawn in the above photo.
So it appears that I will be keeping busy for the rest of the summer. Of course, with this beautiful coat I have, the weather won't make any difference when I choose to play in my pond. Oh boy, I am one very happy little puppy!

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