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May 13, 2009


My puppy friend is here and this time he finally has a name. His "M.O.M." has decided to call him Jasper and it seems to suit him well.
He wasn't here long when he discovered my little bed and promptly made himself at home in it.
He decided that he needed to rearrange my bedding to better suit his needs so he began chewing on my blanket and tried to pull it about the bed.
But he seemed to forget how little he really was as he took a big bite of the blanket and began to pull with all his might and immediately tumbled right out of my bed onto the floor. I have to admit that it was the funniest thing I had seen all day and I enjoyed it very much! But he was not hurt and jumped right up and began playing again as if nothing had happen.
And again our afternoon together seemed much to short for both of us but we are sure we will be spending more time together very soon.


  1. What a cute and adorable pet. To show love to your pet why not join and register at PETtell, it's a free social network for pet owners. You'll gonna luv it :D

  2. You sure have a cute friend to play with.


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