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May 22, 2009


Yesterday I caused the opportunity to learn another lesson, one that M.O.M. said she hopes I will remember forever.

I was out in our side yard with M.O.M. enjoying the warm sun when I heard a little 4wheeler come around the corner near our mailbox. Instantly I saw 3 border collie type dogs running with this machine with their owner driving. I gave no thought to anything else except the fact that I needed to run out into the street and tell them to stay away from my property!
Apparently this action did not sit well with M.O.M. as I did hear her calling my name and telling me to "Come" and also to "Wait"...which I usually always do. But I just couldn't stop thinking that she really didn't want me to wait or to stop and return to her until these neighborhood dogs were long gone.
Of course I didn't know that she had hurried into the house and had picked up her dog whistle and also a strange thing she later called "a rolled up newspaper". I heard the whistle and thought I heard her voice but I am afraid that I just kept running after these dogs. And then for some reason when she called me again I heard a sound of fear in her voice so I turned and headed back to her. By this time I was quite a ways done our street and almost out of site of her.
As I approached her I sensed that things weren't well between us. M.O.M. scolded me and then I felt the "rolled up newspaper" across my behind. It didn't hurt me but the sound scared me to death!!! Wow, what a surprise. M.O.M. had never raised a hand to me before and I began to sense that not only was she very mad, but she was terribly hurt by my actions.
As she took me to my kennel I realized that she was crying! Oh my gosh...did I do that? Then she sat down beside me in the kennel and told me that my actions certainly could have caused me to be hit and killed by a car on the road, or the dogs---that were all much older and stronger that I am--- could have turned on me and killed me, or I could have gotten confused and lost my way home. This made me very sad and I tried to get as close to her as I could and I even tried to lick her face to say I was sorry. But of course the damage had already been done and even puppies can't take things back.
M.O.M. placed me in my doghouse and left the kennel to give me time to think about what I had done. I think it worked because when we went on our walk today she didn't even need to put a leash on me. I stayed close to her and came immediately when she said "Come" and sat down real fast when she told me to "Wait".
So I hope M.O.M. is over her tears because I am trying to be very good and do everything I can to make her and M.O.D. happy again. I am 10 months old now so I will try to remember my training and my manners from now on. I love you M.O.M. and M.O.D......

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