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May 11, 2009

I had company at my house!

My M.O.M.'s friend found herself a new puppy and we got to babysit him the other day. And I had so much fun with him. He is just about 7 weeks old so we played a lot.
Our tug-of-war game lasted just a little bit because I was so much stronger than this little puppy that M.O.M. was afraid I might hurt him.
He found my favorite squeaky ball and sure enjoyed trying to chew on it to get it to squeak. But our time together seemed way to short for me as his mom returned and took him home. I do hope he can come again as he was the first dog that was smaller than me that I got to play with!
Maybe he can come again next week while his M.O.M. is in town doing errands again.


  1. Wow that is the prettiest puppy I have ever seen!!! What breed is he/she?

    Mistaya's story is so sad but now so happy :) Apart from Kenny, our most recent dog, all of our dogs and cats have come from rescue homes!

    Your blog is lovely!

  2. Sunny SweetPea..Yes, I agree that rescued puppies and cats make the best pets ever! Mistaya is a Minature Austrailian Shepard and every once of her is filled with energy and love. She is such a treasure to us. Thank you for stopping by!


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