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April 05, 2009


I guess I have grown a lot more than I thought I had. The top photo was taken in November when I was 4 months old. My backpack looks so big on me that I can't imagine how I am going to carry it out in the woods. Gosh, I am kinda cute aren't I? The lower photo was taken the first of April as I am turning 9 months old. I am definitely growing into my backpack now!
Today M.O.M. put a bag of my snacks in one side of my backpack and a snack for her in the other side. We walked down the road to the forest where she let me off the leash and we headed into the woods. I realized right away that I could still run like crazy everywhere and not even notice my pack. So I think this hiking thing is going to be great...especially knowing that my wonderful snacks are with me.
I have noticed that I am not running at top speed so much as I used to. M.O.M. has been real good about seeing that I am taken on a fun long walk at least once a day. And I do like to keep fairly close to her so she doesn't get lost out here. I do kinda like to be near her too. Well, I am still just a kid remember!

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  1. Goodness little girl you sure have grown in the past few months.


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