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April 03, 2009


M.O.M. isn't feeling well enough to go out for a walk this morning so I am keeping watch at my front windows. I am hoping that I can spot our dear friend Glennie as she is heading out on her walk down our road. Sometimes M.O.M. will let me go with her and I was so hoping that today would be one of those days.
I didn't see Glennie walking this morning so I will check again later this afternoon.
Well, I returned to my lookout this afternoon to watch for my friend Glennie on her walk. But I waited so long that I really started to get real tired. Fortunately my lookout window sits at just the right level so I could lie down and rest my chin on the sill and still keep an eye open for her.
M.O.M. finally distracted me by playing ball with me so I would stop watching out the window all day. We did have fun but I'd really rather go for a fun walk and run. Well, maybe we can do that tomorrow if the weather is better. We are still getting snow and of course I love it cause I can drag my nose through it as I am running so very fast. Gosh, I like that. But M.O.M. isn't as excited about that as I am as I have heard her say many times that she is real tired of all this snow and wants Spring to arrive NOW!

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