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April 07, 2009


M.O.M. and I went on a wonderful walk this morning because the sky was so blue and the sun felt so good. We are trying to believe that it really is Spring.
M.O.M. let me off my leash again when we came into the forest. We wandered all over as I ran and ran to each new adventure among the fallen timbers. I did have to check each area for any great smells or surprises.
I was running in one of my favorite places...a unused small overflow ditch...when something suddenly jumped up in front of me. Oh boy! Something to chase! I was rather surprised when I was able catch up to this little creature. I have never seen such an animal before so I didn't know just what I was running after. But you know how puppies are...I just love to chase anything.
I was very surprised when I realized that I had caught up to this thing and had actually managed to get a bite on it. Wow, now what do I do? Before I could give it another thought the little creature bit me and I began to scream. Fortunately M.O.M. was right there as I can remember she had been trying to encourage me to leave this little creature alone. I ran to her crying and she tried to look into my mouth for my wound. M.O.M. found too much blood to see where I was bit and she spoke so sweetly to me. After a few minutes I was ready to run on more adventures in this wonderful forest.
After we returned home M.O.M. kept me quiet either in my kennel or in the house so she could keep an eye on me. We weren't sure what reaction I may have from my painful bite. I did overhear her tell M.O.D. that I had encountered a very large Mouse and the Mouse won the battle. Oh dear!

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