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April 02, 2009


What ice cream bowl are you talking about?
I am just resting my head on this pillow. And I don't' know what that is that my paw is resting in. I don't see any ice cream anywhere.
Okay, it's true, M.O.D. let me have a tiny bit of his ice cream and it was soooo good! Next time I will be sure to leave this little bowl where M.O.M. can't find it.
M.O.M. took me on a great walk this afternoon. We walked down our dirt road into the forest and here she let me off my leash. We had so much fun as I ran everywhere and wondered all over the woods. I could tell that M.O.M. was relived to not worry about any cars coming by while I was running so fast.
Sometimes M.O.M. would just stop and stand still and I would finally stop too and look around and realize she was not next to me. Of course I would run as fast as I possibly could to get back to her. It took me some time to understand that M.O.M. was doing this as a game because it gave me another chance to run fast.
When it was time to head back home I was willing to walk quiet on my leash beside M.O.M. We did stop and talk with a neighbor who was repairing some of his pasture fence and I took this opportunity to lie down at M.O.M.'s feet and get some rest.
We arrived back home in time for me to get in a nice long nap before dinner. What a great day.

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