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April 01, 2009


My computer lost it's signal to our satellite on Friday so I have been unable to post my happenings for you to read. I heard M.O.M. say that the satellite must have been sending our signal to another planet. Gosh, you mean there is more than mine? But the service tech just left so I am back and posting!! On last Friday M.O.M. took me for a ride in our truck. Lately she has noticed that she has to really coax me to get into the truck. So she thought that maybe a fun adventure in the truck might be the answer. I was very thrilled when I saw that she was pulling into the camping/parking area beside the river not far from our house. I couldn't believe it when she pulled over and let me out so I could get out and run and play. Of course I ran straight for the water to see what I could find.
I found many sticks to chew on and drag around. M.O.M. threw some into this little pool area to try to encourage me to chase them. Of course, I thought this was great fun. I love digging as deep as I can in the wonderful soft sand at the edge of the water. Boy, I could make sand fly everywhere and I did hear M.O.M. laughing at my antics.

I do hope that we can come back here real soon because I had so much fun at this river. And I think I could really learn to enjoy playing in the water. I know there is a big pond in our own back yard so I do hope M.O.M. will let me chase after sticks in it this summer. Gee, maybe I could even learn to swim in there! (Don't tell M.O.M. and M.O.D. that I think I already know how to swim!)

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