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March 14, 2009


My family and I went on a little adventure today when M.O.D. and M.O.M. heard on the news that more snow was coming our way. We drove a short distance to the river and I was allowed to run about freely.
There were many large patches of ice and snow just along the river bank and I sure had fun running over them, even though M.O.M. was a bit afraid that I might fall into the cold river. But I kept my eye on the water and never ran too close to the edge.
It has been quite some time since M.O.D. has been able to go on an adventure with us so I stayed pretty close to him so he would know I liked having him near me.
The sky was slowly getting darker so we decided that it was time to go before the snowflakes started coming down. Of course, I felt like I could have stayed here and played for many more hours but I must admit that I was getting a bit wet and cold and tired too, so I willingly climbed back into the truck for the short ride home.
There was a fisherman standing in the middle of the river while I was running around but we made sure we didn't disturb him while he was casting for his catch.
I sure enjoyed our time together in the woods by the river today. I do look forward to many more outings together as our weather warms and spring finally begins.


  1. I bet your little paws were cold after standing on that snow.

  2. Yes, Keewee, my little pays were very cold but M.O.M. held me close as we drove home so I soon had nice warm little paws!


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