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March 11, 2009


My friend Glennie gave us some scarves and M.O.M. put this one around my neck. I think I look very cute. I do hope she understands that it is now mine and I have no plans of giving it back!
M.O.M. took me to see Doctor Joe, the Vet., because I have been limping again but this time on my left hind leg. Dr. Joe is very nice and gentle with me so I didn't mind when he ran his hands all over my body. As he ran them done my sides he said "Hmmm, to many treats!" So he suggested that M.O.M. hold off on some of the treats to help get my weight down. M.O.M. kind of smiled and said "Okay".
Dr. Joe took me into another room to take some x-rays of my hind legs and hips. He and his assistant were very nice and the procedure didn't take very long. After the x-rays were developed he called M.O.M. and I back into the exam room and showed us the results. He said he felt my problem was not bone related but in my muscles. M.O.M. breathed a sigh of relief. He said I would benefit from some form of rest to try to heal. He said to keep me quiet if possible. M.O.M. laughed and said "Oh, are you taking her home with you?!!"
M.O.M. knows it is impossible to keep an 8 month old Aussie puppy quiet for more than 30 seconds so this idea may be a problem. But Dr. Joe gave us some pills to help relieve that swelling and pain and I should be feeling better in a few weeks. And M.O.M. said she would keep me on a leash on our daily walks for awhile. And yes, she said she would agree to cut back on the treats. Darn, that is one thing I didn't want to hear!

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