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January 20, 2009


Yesterday I was very excited about running out the back door and down the steps to my kennel. But I was running to fast and when my little feet hit the ice in front of my kennel gate I fell very hard on my left hip. It made me cry out a bit. M.O.M. came to me quickly and made me feel better, but she noticed today that I am stiff and soar and even carrying my left leg a bit.

So she and M.O.D. decided today that I had better stay inside as much as possible to help me heal better. But because I am really still a puppy I tried many times to convince M.O.M. that I needed to go out to my kennel or even a real fun walk.
I tried to get her attention at the front door.....She just gave me that look
So I tried the back door....Gosh, she still has that look!
So I tried the front door again but this time I gave her my sweet face as best I could. My gosh! There's that look again!! Darn
Yes, I did try the back door again. No, that didn't work for me this time either!
So I finally decided that M.O.M. isn't going to let me fool around today. So I will just lay here and pout for awhile and maybe she will feel sorry for me.
Hmmm, several minutes have passed and this pouting thing doesn't seem to be working for me!
Boy, she's tough! Hopefully she will take me out for a walk later today when it warms up a bit. I will even wear my new halter leash if she will take me out! I will try to look real cute whenever she is around. Maybe that will help.

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