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January 16, 2009


My M.O.M. figured out a real easy way to teach me to bow on command using the clicker method of training. She noticed that I liked to do this type of action when I was playing with my ball so she rolled my ball under the chest that you see in the background in this photo. Of course one of my favorite things to do is to roll my ball under there then try to get it out. So she rolled the ball under the chest then kept saying "Get the ball!" and when I got into this position she clicked the clicker and gave me a treat. It didn't take me very long to catch on to the idea so pretty soon I was doing it in the middle of the living room. And I don't even need a ball to do the bowing. M.O.M. is starting to replace the word ball with bow and I didn't even notice the difference...I just know I get a treat and lot's of praise when I do bow for her. So I now have one more trick to add to my routine. Gosh this is fun.

M.O.M. and I went into our favorite farm store today and I thought it was to purchase more of my wonderful treats. But after choosing my treats we ventured down another aisle that had many styles and colors of leashes and collars for dogs of every size.

M.O.M. did a lot of looking as though she couldn't find just the right item. Just as we were starting to leave she spotted what she was looking for high up on a shelf. I wasn't sure just what this thing was but we took it and my treats to the register when the clerks came out and gave me my usual treats. Have I said I love this place??

When we were back in our truck M.O.M. open the shopping bag and brought out the item she had purchased. She held it up so I could smell it and then she gently placed it around my nose. This upset me a bit and I tried very hard to get this thing off my little nose. But I couldn't get it off and M.O.M. continued to speak gently to me. I didn't like it because it felt so strange but I sat quietly as M.O.M. adjusted it on me. She left it on me for just a few moments then returned it to the shopping bag so we could head home.

M.O.M. waited till the next day before placing this strange thing on me again. This time we ventured outside while I was wearing it. Of course I tried real hard to wiggle out of it but it just wouldn't come off. M.O.M. was speaking to me in her gentle voice so I decided to just stay close to her left leg and maybe I would be all right.

We did take a nice walk down our road and I must say it was kind of fun just to walk quietly beside her as we enjoyed the warm sun. I even learned that I could still sit down when I was told with this strange thing on my face. It was several yards down the road when I realized I was walking with my M.O.M. without ever feeling any pulling or tugging on my little neck. I think I kind of like this new type of collar.

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  1. Good Girl, you are learning so quickly. I can tell, your M.O.M is very proud of you.


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