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January 04, 2009


I have been puzzling over the names I have been calling my people. It just doesn't sound right that I simply call them "My People", "My Man, and "My Lady" so I have decided on new names for them. My man will from now on be called "M.O.D." and my lady will be known as "M.O.M."

And as you have probably guessed, "M.O.D." stands for "My Other Dad" and "M.O.M. " of course stands for "My Other Mom". I do remember a few things about my mom and I have been told that my real dad was a traveling man. So I think mom would approve with these names for my new people.

So please try to not be confused when you see this names used in my life journal.

The sky was full of bright warm sunshine for the last 2 days so I was allowed to spend lot's of time out in my large kennel. I played, I chewed on my chew sticks, and of course I laid in the sun and took several naps. I could see M.O.D. and M.O.M. look out the glass slider checking up on me many times and that made me feel good.

M.O.M. has started my training and today I learned about sitting. Gosh, this was easy. I figured out pretty quickly that when I sat down in front of M.O.M. I was given a delicious treat. I would continue to sit all day if it meant I could get yummy treats!
M.O.D. treated M.O.M to breakfast at the Trapper Cafe in town this morning and I got to go with them. Well, I didn't get to go inside for breakfast with them but they made sure I had a wonderful chew stick to keep me busy. And as you can see, they gave me my own special traveling blanket to help keep me comfortable and warm. There were many times when I had to stand up and check on the dogs in other cars to make sure they were okay like I was. They too seemed to be worried a bit about their people as they stood and watched the Cafe door a lot.


  1. She is so sweet! And lucky, too. Best to you both for 2009!

  2. Thank you Reya for stopping by. I will see you on your blog during this interesting New Year!!

  3. Your sweet girl sure is learning fast. She will have you wrapped around her little paw in no time flat, if she hasn't already.

  4. HI Keewee, she already has us wrapped tightly around her sweet heart!!


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