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January 05, 2009


The above photo on the left was taken of me on November 23rd and the one on the right was taken today...January 5th. I think I can tell that I have grown a bit between pictures. When M.O.M. put my own special backpack on me she had to let the strap out a bit that goes around my chest area. So I think I am growing. I have been earning a lot of delicious snacks lately as M.O.M. has started my training and I get lot's of rewards as I always try to do what she asks of me! So that too could be the reason my pack is fitting differently!
We have had a lot of fresh snow today and the wind blew so hard that I was sure my wonderful kennel was going to loose it's roof but everything held through the storm.
After the storm was over M.O.M. took me outside and we went on my favorite trail around our big yard but it was very difficult to find it as the wind had buried my trail with fresh snow. M.O.M. and I walked the trail several times to push the snow down (well. at least M.O.M. did!) so by the time we were done I could run like the wind on my trail again.

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