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December 29, 2008


I discovered today that Christmas is definitely over for me. I went for a ride in our truck with my people this afternoon. I didn't know where we were going but I always love to go where ever they go.

Boy was I surprised when we pulled into my Vet's office. I wasn't too worried as I had a rather nice visit the last time I was there. My lady placed me on the scale out in the waiting room and said I now weigh 23.4 pounds, up from 18.3 pounds when I first came here in November.

I sat with my family on the big benches in the waiting room and was excited when several large dogs came into the office too. But my people made sure I stayed close to them on the bench.

Soon I heard my name called and we went into a room that I remembered from before. I was placed on the table and a lady with a kind voice spoke to me and ran her hands around my body. She placed a treat on the table in front of me and then I felt a poke on my neck. Ouch! But the treat tasted so good I really didn't pay very much attention to what was going on.

Then another treat appeared and I enjoyed that one too! Ouch! Another poke. Gee, that's odd, every time I eat a treat I get a poke.

When the lady held my paws in her hand I decided that I would just sit there and be still! I didn't want any more pokes! So she trimmed my nails as I sat and watched her.

So this is what made me decide that my Christmas was really over. But I did get plenty of pats and hugs before we left the Vet's office so I guess it wasn't so bad after all.

I feel so lucky that we have received lot's more snow in the last few days. My lady took me out for a walk yesterday between snow storms and I had such a wonderful time!! I love to run fast and jump right in the middle of deep snow,shoving my self down into the snow as deep as possible.
Sometimes I find a place where I can dive deep down into the snow.
And then sometimes I can almost disappear from sight...That's my favorite part. I love it when I can find snow that deep!!

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