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January 07, 2009


I have got to be the BEST DRESSED puppy in the neighborhood.
This little sweater sure helped me keep warmer when the temperature was down below zero. It was actually 17 degrees below zero twice last week. But today we are getting a lot of rain. So now I need to get M.O.D. and M.O.M. to find me a waterproof cover thing.
I sure love this life.
We haven not been venturing out for very long periods of time lately because there is so much snow and it is hard for me to get through it. I try to use my cute pointed nose to push some of it out of the way but there is just to much! And our road is so thick with ice that sometimes all four of my feet are going different directions at once. I know it must be a comical site as I see M.O.D. and M.O.M. smiling.
Because of the conditions outside, M.O.D. and M.O.M. have been spending quite a bit of time with me inside our house throwing all of my fun different size balls for me to chase. And I have taught myself that after I catch up to the ball that if I take it back to one of them they will throw it for me again!
Cool trick isn't it?!
M.O.M. and I are still working on my training. This week I learned to come and sit in front of M.O.M. when she calls my name. Now I am trying to learn to stay sitting until she tells me I can move. I noticed she does not make me wait to long so it has been pretty easy so far. Of course, I caught on real quick that if I did what she asked I was given a yummy reward. I hope she teaches me a lot more because not only do the treats taste wonderful but M.O.M. sounds so very happy when I do it right and I get hugs, pats and kind words along with a treat.

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