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January 12, 2009


The weather has warmed up just a bit... in the 20's... so M.O.M. and I decided to go out for a walk on our street. I was very excited because I haven't been out for a good run in a few days.
But our street is still covered with a heavy layer of ice and I had a real hard time keeping my feet under me. We didn't go very far as neither one of us could walk very well and the ice had no sand on it to help us with traction. So we returned home and will try to get out for a walk later this afternoon.

Waiting till the afternoon didn't improve things even though the sun was shinning. Our road looks like it is paved but it is not. This is the thick ice without a bit of sand to help us walk. So once again we returned home to the safety of our cozy home.
M.O.M. has started my training and she and M.O.D. took pictures of me as I was working on my training this evening. So pictures of my activities will be posted on my website tomorrow.

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