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December 24, 2008


My family has kept me quiet since my visit to the surgeon so I have a chance to heal up so I can run and play again. They do find me asleep just about anywhere in the house. I was having so much fun with my ball and the next thing they noticed was me sleeping right where I was chewing on my ball.

The green "X" and stripe on the sliding glass door was placed there because this is the door I use to go out to my big kennel and to return into the house. A few times I was so excited to go back in the house that I didn't notice that the door was still closed. Well, I was not hurt, but I was a bit embarrassed about the whole thing. So now I can see the green tape even before I come running up the stairs.
This is another instant resting spot. The cool kitchen floor always makes me feel good so I take advantage of this area a lot.
I am feeling pretty good these last few days so I hope my people will take me out into the forest so I can see what it is like to go on a hike with them. I overheard them talking about it just this morning so maybe real soon!

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  1. Happy Christmas Mistaya, on this very first Christmas with your new family.


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