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December 23, 2008


Today my lady and I rode in our truck when my man was going to work. I wasn't sure what we were doing with him but I enjoyed listening to their voices as we bumped along the road.

After some time we stopped and he climbed out and said many kind sounding words to me and we drove away. My lady held me close to her as we traveled down the road. I enjoy sitting up tall and watching things go by our truck so fast. I especially like to watch the birds that are flying high in the sky.

We arrived in a city and I decided it was time to take a short nap so I snuggled down into my blanket. I was just feeling the joys of deep sleep when my lady woke me up. She placed my leash on my collar as I climbed from the truck. Instantly I recognised all the loud barking coming from the building. I am wondering if she is returning me to this place where I came from or are we just here to visit.

I soon discovered that this was not just a visit. My lady spoke to the staff at the counter and one of them brought around a small kennel. My lady spoke so gently to me as she placed me in this kennel and I wondered what was going on. The tone of her voice did reassure me that everything would be okay so I tried to be very brave.

After my lady went out the big door I was carried in my little kennel into the back room where I remember spending many nights before I found a family to adopt. I know these people here were good to me but I really want to go home with my real family.

I looked around and discovered that there were several young dogs and kitties in their own kennels too. This is the time when things start to get a little foggy for me. And I am not sure just where I went or what happened. But I do remember feeling so very sleepy and hearing my peoples voices speaking softly to me. And I remember feeling the warm comforting feeling of my ladies arms around me. And for some reason I just couldn't find the strength to stand up so I just curled up in my ladies lap and let the movement of our truck rock me back to sleep.

Later that evening I woke up enough to find my way to my familiar water bowl and food dish. The water tasted good but I wasn't interested in the food. My family carried me to bed later that night and I slept soundly through the night.

When I awoke the next morning my tummy area was very sore but it felt so good when my people gently rubbed it as they talked with me. They said that what I had done would make me a very happy little dog for the rest of my life. I have no idea what they are talking about but I am so thankful to wake up in my own wonderful cozy home with my lady and man and our family cat with me.

By the end of the first day I was much more awake and I could even play with my chew toys and ball for a little while before falling into a deep comfortable sleep again. By the morning of the second day I was ready to play and run but my people kept me on my leash so I wouldn't run and play to much.

What few memories I had of this strange experience soon faded from my memory as we settled back into our daily routine of a very happy family.

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