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May 22, 2018

NEW TRICKS from a forgotten post

This is a post I found in my drafts that I had thought I had posted way back in 2011!  So in honor of my precious Mistaya and our dear Maggie, I am going to post it now.  I still miss my sweet girls every day.

Sometimes you just can't teach old dogs new tricks.
But we found that sometimes it is even harder to teach a young dog new tricks.

Let me explain.
In Montana, one of Mistaya's favorite things to do was to try to 'kill' the water that came out of the hose.
Because she would try so hard to bite and chew the stream of water that we learned to place a large plant pot tray under the stream of water.  During her chewing she would tear up a lot of grass causing ugly bare spots in our lawn.

It did appear that Mistaya was trying to explain to Maggie how the sport of biting and chewing a stream of water actually works.

Maggie did seem to try really hard to understand what this game was all about.

She gave it a real brave try.....

She lunged at the spraying water...
She tried watching for a second...

She tried lunging at it...

She couldn't figure out what Mistaya was doing...or why she was doing it.

Finally, Maggie stopped and just watched...still very puzzled why Mistaya would want to fight with a stream of water.


  1. How wonderful to see the girls and what fun they are having! We love trips down Memory Lane♥

  2. Mom does too Molly. And as you can guess she still misses those two beautiful girls every day. At least I do not hear her crying out their names in the night so much anymore.


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