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May 22, 2018

NEW TRICKS from a forgotten post

This is a post I found in my drafts that I had thought I had posted way back in 2011!  So in honor of my precious Mistaya and our dear Maggie, I am going to post it now.  I still miss my sweet girls every day.

Sometimes you just can't teach old dogs new tricks.
But we found that sometimes it is even harder to teach a young dog new tricks.

Let me explain.
In Montana, one of Mistaya's favorite things to do was to try to 'kill' the water that came out of the hose.
Because she would try so hard to bite and chew the stream of water that we learned to place a large plant pot tray under the stream of water.  During her chewing she would tear up a lot of grass causing ugly bare spots in our lawn.

It did appear that Mistaya was trying to explain to Maggie how the sport of biting and chewing a stream of water actually works.

Maggie did seem to try really hard to understand what this game was all about.

She gave it a real brave try.....

She lunged at the spraying water...
She tried watching for a second...

She tried lunging at it...

She couldn't figure out what Mistaya was doing...or why she was doing it.

Finally, Maggie stopped and just watched...still very puzzled why Mistaya would want to fight with a stream of water.

May 17, 2018


I think someone played a little bit too much today. We went down to the water of Puget Sound to let Willow play in the water and she tried to get every little rock we threw into the water for her.

She does love to play in the water but has not yet tried to swim. We will help her with that later as the air and water warm up a little more.

Yes, I will try really hard to get a video of her first time swimming if I can.  Right now I think she just wants to sleep.

May 09, 2018

Where is this thing called Summer?

As you can guess it is a cool day here so I have decided to stay in my warm, cozy bed today.  I wish that thing mom and dad talk about would hurry and get here. Mom said summer will be lots of warm day's and sunshine. I am not sure just what that is but it does sound warmer than today! 

May 04, 2018


Yes, every time Mom and Dad get a package from the Delivery Man I get to kill the wrapping paper.  I have heard Mom mention to Dad that it would have been nice if we had taught her to throw it in the garbage when I was through with it.  Darn!

May 02, 2018


Yes, Miss Willow, we can go for a walk in the sunshine today!

And what a glorious day it was on our walk by the Puget Sound.  A lot of people to watch and so many dogs everywhere!  But Willow kept her nose to the ground and checked out every smell she could find.  As you can guess Mom forgot to bring her camera so there are no cute pictures of Willow this time.

April 06, 2018


Well, Little Willow, it was 65 degrees today but I am afraid that tomorrow will be filled with rain and then the next day and the next day.  Well, I think you get the idea.

But don't give up...we will be complaining about the heat soon enough!!