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February 18, 2018


Yes, Mom told me she will try to start Blogging again and she is sorry she has kept me away from this site for such a long time.

I am happy to report that I have been living a wonderful life filled with many fun adventures, a few unplanned visits to the Vet, several visits to the Beach(!) but no camping trips for a while.

During the previous year, mom had to ride with 3 gentlemen that she reported back to me that were very kind and good looking!  They took her to a place called a Hospital and they would not let me go there to see her!  Mom told me her heart was hurting her so they stopped her heart then shocked it back in rhythm again.

She said that the procedure really was not very scary because the Specialist was very kind and explained the entire process to her.  They gave her some kind of juice..maybe Diet Pepsi cause she really likes that...And it made her close her eyes and start to rest.  She woke up and felt like nothing had happened until the doctor asked her how she felt. She said...have you done anything yet?  And they had stopped her heart and made is run smoothly again that fast!!!

So 30 minutes later she and my dad were on their way home.  The only thing she felt as they were leaving was that her body was full of a million needles..  The Doctor guessed that is was because she had a higher amount of energy in her body than most people.  Yeah, she is always full of energy every day!  He also told her that she had done something no one else has ever done....she had spoken something as he shocked her heart.  She just smiled and said yes, I am sure I know just what it was I said, And thank you for telling me I did that.too.
So mom is doing wonderful, dad is also happy and healthy and I am still the same size and still weigh just under 8 pounds.  And I will be 4 years old this summer!!!  Mom is shocked how much time has passed since I found them and asked them to be my family. And our adventures are endless.  I have a fabulous life with my wonderful family!

It is good to be back in Bloggerland!!     ALERT...ALERT!!!!  MOM JUST REALIZED THAT I WILL ACTUALLY BE 5 YEARS OLD THE END OF MAY!!!  Time is sure racing by for us!!


  1. How wonderful to see you again, Willow, and we can't believe that you are 4 already! Thank doG that your mom is okay and doing well and your dad is too!

  2. Thank you so much for coming over to our Blog Molly! Mom has promised that she Will join up with this great Blogvill as often as possible. See you soon! Willow.


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