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May 17, 2015


I have to be honest here....I had to get a new bed because I had beat up my other bed.  But it sure was a lot of fun throwing it around a lot and chewing like I was trying to kill it too!  Oh I had so much fun!
But Mom said she was tired of cleaning up all the crazy stuffing that kept appearing all over her pretty rug.
So here is mom's proof that I did try to eat my bed!
And the stuffing did end up on Mom's rug!
Sorry mom.
And thanks for the wonderful new bed!!


  1. Your new bed looks so warm and cozy, Willow. Make sure you don't eat this one, okay?

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

    1. Mitch and Molly, I am afraid I did try to kill it when I first got it. Not because I didn't like it but because I was so happy to get it and I needed to make sure it was really just mine. But the people were real nice about it and explained that I must not tear up this one or I would be sleeping on the floor! Oh How Terrible for me!!! So I have not done any more chewing on it. But I did hear mom whisper to dad something about not to mention outloud that the new bed is really a kitty bed. All I know it is it works real well for me! Have a great day Mitch and Molly! Hugs and wags, Willow

  2. Willow girlfriend, OHHHHH that looks like a bed I could enjoy too. I love the cover over it and wide opening. MOL Be gentle with this one
    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. Hi Madi, Yes I am trying to be careful with this one cause I sure like how cuddly and safe I feel when I am in it!!! And I am sure you would love on of these too! Mom found this one at Winco!!! Such a surprise. Thanks for stopping by bfff!! Willow

  3. Mom said to tell you thanks for coming by her boring diet blog and for the comment. She looks forward to this journey and welcomes fellow travelers! We will follow you on this bloggy!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Oh, we forgot to add a congrats on the new bed. We think that the bed was made of inferior materials and really your toenails probably damaged it and you are innocent of all charges!

    2. Murphy!! Thank you for coming by. And yes my mom enjoys your moms blog. She will follow her and give her encouragement anytime she can!! And I am very sure you are correct that it was not my fault that my silly toenails were the cause of my bed problem! And I really love my new bed! Hugs and wags, Willow


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