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August 24, 2014

Willow's Boyfriend!

 I am trying to post a photo of Willow and her boyfriend Pooh Bear but this thing will not let me rotate the photo.  So I will post it anyway as is.
He is a sweet older dog and they both enjoy walking together every chance they get.  This is the only dog she seems to really like to be with. They say dogs know more than people do and I do believe that is true.


  1. All animals are so much smarter then people give them credit for!!
    So happy to see you had come for a visit!! I love your company!!!
    I am doing GREAT thank God!!!!
    B/C Tom has another hernia and it is worse then his first one was!!
    I am doing double duty while poor Tom is hurting so much!!! Thank God and our good diet I can rise to the work!! I can not cut the yard tho b/c we don't have a lawn mower and it is up to my waist!!!! Tom has been bush-hogging it with the tractor and he can not do it now!! SO it looks like no one lives here!
    So happy you came to visit!

  2. Thank you Fern. I hope to be stopping by more often. Gail


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