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July 28, 2014

Little Willow Camping

We went to the ocean to camp for a few days.  We arrived in shorts and tank tops.  The first thing we did was take Willow down to the beach to run in the sand and surf.
By the time we arrived back to the campsite we needed to change into long pants and sweatshirts. It was cold!!!
And poor little Willow hates wearing her sweater and coats.
 Here she is wearing one of her winter coats during lunch.  No, that is not a hot is a chew stick.  Yes,  we staged this photo...she does not usually eat at the table!  And she does not drink Coke!!
 She had to wear a sweater and/or coat all the time we were there at the camp. And she also had to be on a leash all day.
This sad little dog was very happy to climb back in our car and head home. In fact she slept all the way home!
The middle of July!!  You'd think we would have to hide from the heat but we had a campfire going all day and into the evening to keep warm.  Yes, we came home 3 days early.  Poor little Willow is not a camper.


  1. Hi are adorable
    Madi your new bfff

  2. Madi and FIRST BFF!!!I am so excited!! Bff hugs to you Madi!!
    Wags, Willow

  3. Hi Gail,
    Thought I would come and see if you had blogged and you had!!!
    Poor little Willow!!! She doesn't have much of her OWN coat!!!! LOL Glad she is happier now she is home!!!
    My 3 cats are all grown up now and are big cats--- very loving cats too!!


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