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April 14, 2011


Time and time again I see this view out in the backyard.
And I can not figure out just what is going on in this little dogs brain.

She sits for long periods of time just "looking".

Staring out into the Universe looking, listening or wishing for some thing that we may never discover.

She is not a barker...we have heard just one bark from her in the 2 and 1/2 months she has lived with us.
She is a very happy free spirit that plays with Mistaya until both are exhausted from all the wrestling and running about the yard.

But she always allots a block of time to just sit and stare up into the Heavens.  A mystery that will never be solved but watched and admired from a distance as this little creature seems to be keeping in contact with something or someone far beyond our capabilities to comprehend.

When I find her waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge in the years to come, this is one of the first questions I want to ask her as I hold her in my arms again at last.


  1. She obviously is in touch with nature and its spirit. She just soaks it up to get through another day!

  2. Sometimes I wish we were more like dogs ourselves!

  3. OMC what a sweet post of Maggie's little habit of meditation!!
    I expect she is thanking the heavens, the moon and sun and stars for all being aligned just right so that she was adopted by you all...She is just a thankful little girl.
    Hugs madi

  4. She is just admiring the wonderful world that she lives in!! Addy doesnt bark either and she sits like that too, when she isnt chewing my stuffies or diggin up the rose bushes, LOL

    Jazzi and Addy

  5. Barbara, I am certain she is in touch with Nature and her Spirit. She is an amazing special dog.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. JackDaddy, you know we would be so much wiser and get along with each other so much better!
    Hugs, Mistaya, Maggie and Gail

  7. Madi and mom..we love, love, love your post. I do like to think that she is sending thanks to the heavens for finding us. We are that happy to have fonund her!
    Hugs, Gail

  8. Jazzi, Maggie does take time out of her meditation pose to dig in the garden too. We have been digging a drainage ditch next to the garden and Maggie is positive that we put it there so she can play in the mud after a good rain! And she did enjoy a good portion of a 45 year old heritage rose bush next to the house. I think she ran into it and the thorns caught her so she fought with it!
    Always something cute happening around here!!

  9. She looks more and more like my baby, Radar. He has that same soul-searching look sometimes...I bet Maggie is just reflecting on what a lucky dog she is!

  10. She's taking time to stop and smell the roses--or to enjoy the sky. :)

  11. I'm giving out awards for the A-Z challenge participants and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Inspiring Blog Award.
    Go to and pick up your award.
    PS. I love all the pictures of your animals! What a wonderful blog you have!

  12. I'm with Rae, I think Maggie is contemplating her life and how lucky she is to have found such a wonderful forever home. She has the sweetest little face.
    and the Kat Krew

  13. We could all learn a lot from you, Maggie. You are a smart girl!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. I just love those pictures of Maggie, she obviously can hear/sense something us humans can't.

  15. I would love a Maggie when I lose Bambi!!! She is so cute!! I think she is thanking her lucky stars for her good forever home and a fun sister to play with!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern
    PS Thanks so much for your visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I think she is listening to God. He talks to us dogs too, you know.

    Emma Rose

  17. What a wonderful post! So sweet! I love your pictures, and all the other pictures I had the pleasure to see here :)

    Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge! Hope to see you around!


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