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April 17, 2011


  1. I love your two dogs so much!! You are a happy girl Gail,, Right??
    I worked hard on the beach wagon!!!! Some days where so busy that we never had time to eat or go to the bathroom all 12 hours we worked in the summer. In the winter I went to school half the day and then took the bus to the beach to work and help Mom get things ready to go home and then clean the wagon and stock for the next day. Roast peanuts and bag them. Pop popcorn and bag. Do book work to record what was spent and what was taken in for that day. I would fall into bed each night far too late for a young girl to be going to bed with no home work done. That was my life for 5 years. I was so glad when Daddy left and the businesses where sold. I have spent little time on the beach since. I love the beach but don't have the best memories of that time. I made good money tho. I bought my first new car at age 18.
    Thanks for your visit.
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  2. Funny! But, you know- my piggy banks never get a chance to get that big. They get broken into while still tiny piglets! lol

  3. Sooo...funny!! Sounds like some other people I know that are trying to nickel and dime us to death, BOL!!



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